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All real progress begins with a vision. For Sonia Boghosian and Raymond Scimouni, founders of Bio Jouvance Paris, the vision was not merely to push the skin care envelope, but to reinvent it.


The story begins in Paris, where Sonia Boghosian received training at the most prestigious skin care institutes and where she met her husband Raymond Scimouni, world renowned biochemist who shared her passion for extraordinary skin care products that will make a difference. The combination of aesthetics and science would be the model for every Bio Jouvance skin care innovation over the next three decades. By 1986, Sonia and Raymond decided to take their ideas across the Atlantic, and opened the first Bio Jouvance Spa and distribution and training center on U.S. soil. They selected San Francisco as their location, and introduced their iconoclastic combination of smart science and spa pampering to American estheticians and women who were hungry for skin care that went beyond established limits.


In San Francisco Bio Jouvance  became a Mecca — not only for locals seeking the latest European skin care, but also for estheticians and salon owners nationally and internationally. Sonia was acknowledged as one of the industry’s leaders for her efforts and continuous support of the esthetic industry. Through her timeless efforts and determination, Stem Cell Therapy, DNA Therapy, use of Ultrasound in esthetics, and Microneedling (to name a few) are now available to estheticians. Beyond being the foremost source for skin care training and introducing prestigious skin care products and quality equipment, Sonia’s contribution to esthetic magazines and her educational classes nationwide at trade shows and esthetic seminars brought much-needed knowledge and European techniques to estheticians nationwide.


The first Bio Jouvance products were based on Nobel-Prize-winning discoveries in cellular therapy: “Stem Cell Therapy” that allows healthy young cells to be flash-frozen at the height of their youth and strength. These powerhouse young cells could transmit their vitality to older skin cells via a process known as “cryo-therapy” (utilizing cold to enhance the treatment). Sonia and Raymond were able to translate this discovery into an unprecedented line of fresh frozen skin care under the name “Bio Jouvance Paris Cellular Reprogramming,” the “Bio Freeze” line.



To provide an active body line, Bio Jouvance Paris reached to other sources known for their ability to detoxify, nourish, hydrate, and slim. The unique ingredients were selected from Sea-life concentrates and were gathered from rocks anchored on the bottom of the Sargasso Sea, South of the Topic of Cancer. Bio Jouvance Paris “Bio Body” formula is a combination of sea weed and essential oils. The sea extends amino acid, glucides (carbohydrates), and lipids through the algae, the proper combination of Algae (seaweed) and essential oils known for their mini molecules necessary for absorption of large molecules of Algae allows the body to absorb iodine, plankton, and vital materials while assisting in the elimination of toxins. This leaves the body with a reduced cellulite appearance, minimized stretch marks, and increased firmness and toning.